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SkRUFF ZONA is Bringing Heat from West of the Valley

SkRUFF was born and raised in west Phoenix, AZ where he grew up playing sports and deejaying as a kid. He comes from a family of Dj's spanning his father, uncles and cousins. SkRUFF started rapping at the tender age of 9 with his older sister and a few other family and friends, and the rest is history in the making. Going to high school at South Mountain set the stage for the young artist as he became heavily involved in the Radio magnet program at the school. He dabbled with band for a semester, and also played football, wrestled, power lifted and ran track. A few years later SkRUFF linked up with his close friend "EarthYarb", whom was rapping and making beats. From that moment on SkRUFF found himself ingulfed in writing his rhymes while attending college. SkRUFF's major in Broadcast Journalism at Langston University gave him valuable insight both technically as well as to the business side of the industry. In 2015 SkRUFF returned home with a new level skills and business savvy, where he formed a team of artist known as High Power Entertainment (HPE), and they have consistently put out banger after banger.

Interviewer: How and when did you start making music?

SkRUFF ZONA: I started in 2012, but actually fully recording tapes didn't happen until 2014, either recording in EarthYarb studio or we was in the sweat-box at my crib. 

Who were you early inspirations, and how have they changed since Then?

My early inspirations were Brotha Lynch, Xraided, Spice 1, Ice Cube, Snoop, Suga Free, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Common, Meth and Red, etc. My inspirations really haven't changed, I would say they grew, and I took on more.

If you could work with anyone who would it be?

I would work with Curren$y, Big Krit, Smoke Dza, Sir Michael Rocks and Schoolboy Q.

What do you like most about the industry?

If you meet the right people in the industry, you can connect dots and be successful. 

What do you hate most about the industry?

To many people try to be friends first, instead of building that business relationship, because that's what we are in the first place, which is a business...

What message do you want to send with your music?

Its a vibe, I just want you to relax and unwind.

What's the biggest challenge you face as an independent artist?

The biggest challenge for me right now as an independent artist, is that I just realized I was missing more visuals but I have more coming soon!

How do you overcome those obstacles? 

More fans will gravitate once they see that they can start putting actual faces to my songs. They don't want to just hear the music, they want to be able to do both (hear it & see it).

What else would you like your listeners to know about you?

I'm a cool dude from the west side, if you ever in the area, holla at me and we can smoke something!!

Where can they listen to your work?

I'm on SoundCloud and Bandcamp

Soundcloud: Higher Power Ent. (SkRUFF ZONA):

Bandcamp: Higher Power Ent 

SkRUFF ZONA x Gelato - FT. BlaqPe$o x StoneAge (Prod By. Kid Ocean) (Engineered By. LegendaryYarb)

SkRUFF ZONA HPE Recording Artist

IG: zonamane3900 SnapChat: skruff1erz TWITTER: SKRUFF_ZONA

FB: higher power ent. music group


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