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Shawn Majors is Commander & Chief with Strong Kansas City Lyrics

In Shawn Majors' hit song titled "I Still Love You", from his breakout album No MOre Love, the artist recites in a verse, "I hope that they notice, I need them to notice." Well...we noticed! When we sat down to listen to Shawn's portfolio, the first thing we noticed was a fresh new sound in the form of well developed beats. Secondly, his delivery, presentation and style took affect resulting in heads bobbing around the room. Then, you start to take in the lyrical content and what you have from Shawn Majors is the total package! It's not an everyday occurrence but after this listening session at Tsunome, many of us left the meeting with Shawn Majors bumping in our car speakers. We were extremely happy to hear he agreed to our interview and are excited to share such high quality music with our readers.

Question & Answer Interview:

Interviewer: How and when did you start making music?

Shawn Majors: I started making music in 2006, while I was attending Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, GA. 

Who were you early inspirations, and how have they changed since Then?

My early inspirations were Scarface, Black Thought, and Jay-Z.  When it comes to how they have changed I would say that they haven't changed much, lol.  I still enjoy the artistry of storytelling and gravitate to the artists that are not scared to be themselves through music and inspire thought creativity. So, now would be Kendrick Lamar, J-Cole, Big K.R.I.T., and T.I.

If you could work with anybody who would it be?

I think working with Anderson Paak would be pretty dope!  The level of creativity that would be in the air would be crazy.  I'm absolutely sure some dope music would be created. 

What do you like most about the industry?

I like the fact that an indie artist can spread quickly with the use of the internet.  By strategically placing music, you can reach way more people than just out of the truck selling CD's. 

What do you hate most about the industry?

Well, the internet is a gift and a curse.  You now have the hip-hop industry becoming more and more saturated with artist and now the quality of music is lower.  So many artist are now doing more work at home studios which is amazing, However the quality of the music is suffering because not everyone is a producer and it is making it difficult to be engaged with the music that is being released.  There isn't a buffer to what is hot and what isn't these days.  Anyone can blow up and it doesn't mean that they are talented it just means it's catchy or in season.  The skill that it takes to be a great artist isn't appreciated as much as it used to be. 

What message do you want to send with your music?

Be yourself, Simple.  Anyone that listens to my music will know that it came from and authentic place.  So many people try to put on this image that is very unrealistic and with me you get the truth.  Also, with many artists focusing on pumping out singles, I feel that my projects have a full story to tell form the title, to track names, to the production, and finally the lyrics. 

What's the biggest challenge you face as an independent artist?

The biggest challenge is the marketing.  When you are independent you have to pay for your marketing. So, you have to be really on point when your targeting an audience because ever dollar spent has to be strategic.  If you miss on your marketing it can cost a lot of money.  Gaining new fans and reaching others is difficult if you haven't taken the time to really uncover what your market is.  Once I got a hold of who my listeners where, it made it easier to deliver content.  Marketing will always be the biggest challenge for indie artists. 

How do you overcome those obstacles? 

I use reports to see who is listening, what age are they, where do they live, and what songs are getting the most plays.  That way I can organize my tags and promotion towards those individuals when the content fits their market.  

What else would you like your listeners to know about you?

That I'm just like them!  I have the same goals as the next man, and by listening to the music they will be with me on my journey to success.  I'm hustling to get to the top just like them. 

Where can they listen to your work?

I am on every major streaming site they can Google "Shawn Majors"  The album "No MOre

Love" is available on iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, and Amazon Music

Shawn Majors-No MOre Love

Shawn Majors-I Still Love You Music Video


Instagram: @shawn_majors

Twitter: @shawn_majors



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