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Jsphlio does it again

As if Phoenix isn't hot enough! Jsphlior heats it up even more when he dropped his single T.B.H

How and when did you start making music?

I wrote my first song when i was 7 years old. It was probably trash, lol but I made it work. Every since then I've been writing music non stop. I was in first grade.

Who were you early inspirations, and how have they changed since Then?

My early inspirations were Pharrell Williams and Timbaland and they still are ! They just manipulated sounds in a unique way. I've followed that technique in everything I do to this day.

Whether that be song writing ,producing,rapping,singing. I make sure there is a hint of their legacy in their some where. 

If you could work with anybody who would it be?

Quincy Jones, Pharrell or Timbaland. I would want Dr.Dre and Quincy To Mix whatever we create. Thats the Dream Team ! 

What do you like most about the industry?

I feel like the industry is becoming more free of expression and more independent. Its more self sufficiency now. I love that in the industry. Its not as major as it should be but its slowly getting there.

What do you hate most about the industry?

The business model. Its like they still think their is a formula on how to blow up an artist. It seems a lot of the same artist get type casted into this whole narrative.Like they all have to look the same as the other artist and sing almost the same or rap like them if they want to make it. I don't like people you believe in that and push that narrative onto creatives. Everyone has a special path, managers or a&r's that believe in that still and make it a point to set a trend and do whats best for their artist path to being a star is very important. Idk if we get that anymore from the industry.

What message do you want to send with your music?

Honesty, In the moment, Vulnerability, and ultimately just another escape or another option how we handle things on a day to day or how we internalize a lot of things we go through. Its fun to make light of these situations and its therapeutic for me to put them in song form. I just want to create another outlet another option. Rather then cash, hoes, cloths etc 

What's the biggest challenge you face as an independent artist?

Being Heard ! Being Seen ! its seems like a easy concept but its difficult when you're a one man band and also a one man business.

How do you overcome those obstacles? 

You Keep Going, Keep pushing forward. Don't take yourself so seriously, understand and keep in mind what you're doing this for. Control what you can control and let ask God to cover the rest. 

What else would you like your listeners to know about you?

That I'm a open book when it comes to my music, everything I go through is in my music its not a made up song, everything has some real inspiration behind it. Otherwise i wont even make the song, If i dont believe in it I wont endorse it ! 

Where can they listen to your work?





Apple Music

All Streaming services

They can also follow me on all my social sites at @jsphlior


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