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Jerita Streater: "When You Said" Brings Out Undiscovered Talents

I’m Jerita Streater. I grew up pretty much all over the world. My mother was is in the navy before I was even born as an air traffic controller for 20 years. I was always in different places. Born In Camarillo California but raised in the phillipines/Cali/Atlanta/and of course Kansas City, Missouri. Recently, I've moved back to the islands and have lived in Hawaii on and off for ten years .

1. How and when did you start making music?

My mom has always told me I've been singing since my birth lol. Since then, I've just never stopped. I’d say I got more serious with it in high school. Tech N9ne reached out to me during my senior year in high school. He called my house phone cause I didn’t have a cell phone at the time lol. He heard a talent show I did and basically said please come sing for me. That’s the first professional studio I ever sang in. Usually we’d set up our own little ghetto studio in the living room lol. 2. Who were you early inspirations, and how have they changed since Then?

I was always inspired by Mariah Carey. She’s always been someone I respected. She’s the reason I learned how to do whistle tones in my music. I love old school music so artist like Al green and Etta James has inspired me as well. My music selection is so different and random I could never pick one. 3. If you could work with anybody who would it be?

If I could work with anybody it would be Bruno Mars. I love how he moved from Hawaii to pursue his dreams and wrote for other artist untill he got his shot. I don’t think people know how hard it is to help others people’s music climax meanwhile you’re so hungry for yourself.

4. What do you like most about the industry? What I like about the industry is it gives people opportunities to make their dreams come true and touch millions with their music?

5. What do you hate most about the industry? I don’t like that it’s mostly male driven. It makes it hard for a female to try to step in the right way when most of them running the industry just want to “f**k” you. Makes things difficult. 6. What message do you want to send with your music?

I want people to understand with my music I don’t care about the “fame” persona. The word “famous “ means widely known. I wanna touch everyone with my music. They can relate to or just like to hear. 7. What's the biggest challenge you face as an independent artist?

As an independent artist I deal with funding all of my own projects. Studio time, Production, Videos, and Promoting. The only thing that’s free is the lyrics I write and my voice. I feel like that’s why a lot of artist sign to labels. But if you’re not careful you could still lose your voice behind the millions. 8. What else would you like your listeners to know about you?

I want everyone to know that everything I do and sing is ginuine and I’m human. If I’m doing a live show I still get nervous. I love to write music on the beach cause it relaxes me. I’m never ungrateful for any opportunity I’m given.

9. Where can they listen to your work?

If you want to hear my music go to or YouTube Jerita Streater video “ when you said “ also “ all or nothing “


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